Sunday, May 3, 2009


Soooo.....these paintings (yes, paintings) are fantastic.  They're done by Gottfried Helnwein.  Judging by this guy's website, he's a pretty big deal, and judging by his work, he completely deserves it.  The painting above and immediately below are from his Los Caprichos series.  Both are oil and acrylic on canvas, 160cm x 107cm.  

The Disasters of War 13, 2007.  This one is also oil and acrylic on canvas, however its 180cm x 125cm.  This series is in memory of Francisco de Goya.  

Head of a Child III, 2000.  This one comes in at a whooping 299cm x 218cm.  Wahhhh?!  The details are just insane.  

Here's a portrait of the artist working on Kindskopf.  This gives you an idea of how difficult working on these paintings must be.  It's nearly impossible to get details like that on a painting a quarter of the size of these.  Go check out his website- there's a ton of other stuff to marvel at.