Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Hex Signs

Lately I've had tattoos on the brain even more so than usual (hmmm....wonder why :P) and I've decided to revisit an idea for one that I had a few months ago and then abandoned.  It's of the distlefink, a stylized version of the goldfinch used in Pennsylvania Dutch hex signs and artwork.  It's the symbol of good luck and happiness as well as good fortune.  I'm half PA Dutch, my father's side of the family being so as far back as we can trace.  It's always had special meaning to me; my dad can speak some PA Dutch and therefore I've picked up on it, our family's recipes are all PA Dutch, and the artwork has surrounded me my entire life.  The old folk's home I work at too is primarily PA Dutch folk.  I love it when they get pissed at each other and start yelling at each other in German.  

I think this double design is what I'm going to go for.  When the distlefink is doubled, the meaning is doubled, therefore doubling one's good luck and happiness.  I'm working a little with my own designs and colors.  I'd love to work with yellows and golds because yellow distlefinks have special significance- they push the idea of life, the sun, and gentility.  However, given my skin tone I'm not sure how well that will work.  We shall see.  

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