Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Karl Persson

I heard about this painter, Karl Persson, through my good friend Nick McKnight.  I'm torn about this guy- some of his work I really really like and other stuff I feel could be done better or I just don't like the subject matter as much as some of his other things.  I couldn't really find much of a pattern from the times when they were done like you often can.  Like I said, I'm just not really sure.  The details in some are spot on and then in others I feel like he could've pushed them further.  Because, honestly, his work pops the most in the gruesome details he's able to display.  Definitely go check out his site to check out more of his work.  I do really like his stuff and he's well worth the time.  

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Sigfri said...

Hello, I think that Karl Persson is a good artist, with news ideas about art and a great style.
However, I prefer Michael Hussar, this guy is a genious.

See you soon.