Thursday, May 14, 2009


So these are a few of my diptychs from my Junior Seminar final.  The whole idea stemmed from thinking about the strength in architecture and the strength in the human body and comparing the two.  From there, I started thinking about the places that have existed in my life that have helped to make me the person I am today.  I photographed these buildings and then photographed myself mimicking the shape and form of the architecture and then presented the sets side by side.  I took out all of the space around my body and the building because I wanted the focus to be on the icon of the things and not the landscape as a whole.  I'm not at all happy with these yet; I didn't have enough time to let the idea germinate and I felt rushed with it.  The next step, I think, is going to be taking slides of buildings and then projecting them onto planes on my body and then photographing that.  I think once I start doing that I'm going to get deeper into the idea of what these places mean to me and represent that by what part of my body it's projected on.  The ones below were the ones that I felt were most successful with doing this already.  

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