Thursday, May 14, 2009


Many people don't know this, but the all-great and all-powerful photographer Alfred Stieglitz, creator of Camera Works magazine, was married to and completely obsessed with long-time partner Georgia O'Keeffe.  O'Keeffe, well-known for her flower paintings, was 23 years younger than Stieglitz when they met.  Stieglitz was married and after 6 years of living with O'Keeffe, finally divorced his then-wife and shortly there after married O'Keeffe.  From 1918, the year they met, till 1937, the last year Stieglitz photographed due to his health problems, he took over 300 portraits of O'Keeffe.  I mean, I'm sure he took more than that, but he palladium printed the majority of the 300 of them.  Now that's love.  The two were complete partners as far as the understanding of the word can go.  He was her muse and she was his; they supported each other, took care of each other, and existed completely with each other.  

She was fantastic.  The best part of these portraits is the trust and honesty and sincereness you can see that O'Keeffe, as the subject, shared with Stieglitz, the photographer.  That's what makes these portraits so special.  He adored her and that was beautiful.  

This is Stieglitz.  This photo was taken by the magnificent Imogen Cunningham, whom I've talked about at great lengths before, and as you can see he chose to stand in from of one of O'Keeffe's paintings for the portrait.  I need to find me my own O'Keeffe :P

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