Saturday, September 22, 2012

My BFF Nick McKnight

Monotype III (Waterfall)
This one's my favorite
  Nick McKnight is a multi-talented artist from Rhode Island that I met and became friends with a few years ago at MICA.  He's one of the most driven artists I have ever met, constantly working, experimenting, growing, and pushing his work.  He paints, prints, photographs, and crafts.  Below is really just an example of his work, most are my personal favorites.  See more of his stuff at his website.  And definitely check out his Etsy and Society 6 pages- all of his work is incredibly priced and lovely and worth hanging in your home.

Available at Society 6
Gobble Dee Gook
Hold Me Closer
...The Invention of the Shipwreck

Woodblock Print
Available at Society 6