Thursday, July 16, 2009

Sugar Skulls

Had sugar skulls on my mind here as of late... just figured it'd be nice to share some :)

I love this whole design. Alll except for the heart on the tooth. Could do without that. However, the flowers and the skull work perfectly for me and it's extremely well done.

Love that there's no outline on this, but hate it too. Something that I'm drawn to the most about the sugar skull design is its traditional look, however this is so nice I can't help but love it. Love the hair, too.

Like the side view.

Love the whole look of this one, too.

Love the diamonds for the eyes.


Gotta love the couple.


AshRawkx said...

I actually stumbled across your blog looking for inspiration designs for sugar skulls. I love the last one! Thanks for sharing. =)


Renegade Sci said...

Very nice.

keex said...

smugged myself with the last one!!! looks really clean