Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Emily's Graduation

Emily, my younger and only sibling, graduated high school this past Saturday afternoon from Faith Christian Academy.  Her graduating class was 25 people and she had a 4.1 GPA....yeah, she's amazing.  I love her, she's my best friend, and I've never ever been so proud of her than I was on that day.  

Because the class was so small and personal, it was a very different graduation ceremony than what I'm used to.  For starters, each graduate had they're own presentation board like the one above.  She spent a ton of time putting that board together and it looked amazing.  I got an entire side panel devote to pictures of us :P

My mom's sister is very very close with our family; her and her two sons lived with us for a few years and because of this we just feel like one big happy family- these two guys feeling more like our brothers than cousins.  Randy's in the brown; he's 12 and almost taller than me.  Jay's in the green; he's 7 and hilarious.  

So so pretty.

Accepting her diploma...

Like I said, the ceremony was very different than what I'm used to for a graduation ceremony.  As each person was called up to receive their diplomas, a slideshow of pictures of them from childhood to now would be projected up on the big screen and a pre recorded message of them speaking would play over the loud speakers.  The message was just them thanking their family, their friends, and their teachers for the years they spent at Faith.  The student accepted their diplomas and then got a rose and came down into the crowd and presented the rose to their parents.  By the time it was my sister's turn, I was in tears as was my sister, my mom, and my aunt.  I'm pretty sure my dad even shed a few tears.  Such an amazing moment.  
She's going to Eastern University in the fall on a pretty major scholarship.  She's going to attend the nursing program.  God, she's amazing :)

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