Friday, April 3, 2009

C. Grimaldis Gallery

Yesterday in my Professional Practices class we went to the C. Grimaldis Gallery on Charles street, just a little ways down from the Walters.  We talked with the curator about the goings on in a gallery and steps that artists should take when applying to a gallery, etc.  Talking with her was super rewarding; after working with Matt to curate the Loyola show (pictures to come later) I've really been considering working in a gallery.  Anyway though, the show in the gallery right now is Custer's Last Stand and Other Painterly Obsessions from Raoul Middleman.  I enjoyed the whole show, however my favorite section by far was his collection of self portraits.  He loves to paint; he paints all the time and when he doesn't have a model he paints himself.  This has resulted in literally hundreds of self portraits and the gallery decided to feature just a few however it was still enough to cover an entire section of wall space.  

This is his Custer's Last Stand painting and as you can see from how it had to be installed below it is HUGE.  Work this big always blows my mind.  I love being able to get close to it though and being able to see all the different sections and brush strokes, etc.  Overall, the trip to the gallery was very enjoyable and highly rewarding. 

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