Tuesday, March 31, 2009

"all you have to do is call"

This is my latest and greatest creation to come out of my photobook class this semester.  It's an accordian style pop-up book.  Each of the four scenes below is made up of 4 separate layers that I cut by hand.  There's also a stick figure couple that goes along with the book that you can play with in each season.  I took this pic while I was still working on it last night at about 3am in the studio; I won't have finished pictures of it with the figures and cover for a while.  Laurie chose it to be in the printmaking show next week!  I think for my final I'm going to continue this idea but I'm going to make more scenes and probably have them back to back.  The title of the piece is "all you have to do is call."  Get it? :P

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