Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Merkels at the Mall

This little mini-series is the start of my junior seminar project for the semester on the Merkel family racing team.  With the Grandview season starting at the end of the month, there was a car show at the Coventry Mall this past weekend.  Sean Merkel, the older of the driving brothers, was racing in Hagerstown, MD, however Kyle Merkel's car was on display at the show.  Below are a few of the 150-some pictures I took while we were there.  None of these have been edited in any way, though I know they need to be.  I was just so excited that the project's finally underway that I had to share them.  

Next up I'll be visiting the guys in their shop and once the season starts I'll be working with them at the track as well.  Like I said, I'm just really excited for where this project can go.

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J. Aiden Simon said...

I want you to get physically closer to this family next time you shoot.