Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Days With My Father

Days With My Father is a photobook that currently exists only online by Phillip Toledano.  It tells the story of his father, a man in his late 90's that doesn't have alzheimer's but had no short term memory.  For example, after Phillip's mother died, he took his father to the viewing, the funeral, etc, and when they got home he asked repeatedly where his wife was.  After realizing that it would just be too painful to relive the explanation time and time again, Phillip told his father she was in Paris.  

The way the website is laid out is a little hard to follow at first, but once you get a hang of it it goes very smoothly.  The mood of the photos paired with the (most of the time depressing) text work very well together and make the reader feel and become apart of what's happening in these two men's lives.  

I highly recommend checking out the whole website and reading the whole book.  There are over 40 pages, all with beautiful photos and words.  I looked more into more of Philip Toledano's work and I'm very intrigued; expect another post about his work in the near future.  

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