Wednesday, April 15, 2009

MICA/Loyola Photo Exchange Show

A few months ago, Matt Dandy and I were asked to curate a show together of MICA Photo work to be shown at Loyola College.  Obviously, we jumped on the opportunity, however I don't think either of us realized all of the aspects of the job that can easily slip through the cracks.  When it came down to the final week before the show went up, he and I were both on the phone constantly with different people, sending out numerous emails, and meeting together daily to get things like the layout, name tags, title, etc.  figured out.  But, in the end, it was a thoroughly useful experience and even though it was stressing me out its now turned me on to the idea of pursuing a career (or at least side job) in curating.
The space we had to work with was a little cramped; we wanted to use L-brackets to put the work up and couldn't cause the case wasn't deep enough.  The plexi was also scratched a little more than we liked, but all in all we made the very best of the space.  Please excuse the reflections in the plexi :)

A big thanks to everyone that submitted their work to Matt and me!  Even though it was stressful, we both loved doing it and were extremely proud and happy with ourselves when it was all said and done.  The show is still up on the first floor in Loyola's arts building, right down the hall from their auditorium, so if you're in the neighborhood you should probably check it out :) 

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