Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Special Guest Aaron Talbot

Aaron Talbot, a brilliant graphic designer and great friend, provided me with this response that he wrote to a NYtimes Magazine article.  Read the article first here to have a complete understanding of Aaron's initial response.

"I think it's very true. We incorporate Facebook into our own lives as much as it incorporates us into it's own identity. Having an online identity does not make us another faceless, indistinguishable character on the internet but gives us a face with power and purpose.

Having had the opportunity to grow with this technology and now using it to promote not only myself but MICA I've seen the power it can have. We really do have the power to shape opinion as the Saudi women did, or create an event that hundreds of people will attend (Laurie Drugal Opening & Performances). And within those same moments we have the ability to connect with people on a personal & sometimes intimate level.

As the world of social media expands individuals as well as companies and institutions alike will be able to create a complete and holistic identity. One that connects with people on and off the web and becomes more than just a marketing & PR tool, but gives the company or institution an identity & persona. -aaron_talbot"

Big Thanks to Aaron for contributing to my blog :)

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