Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Professional Practices; Gallery Assignment

The gallery I'd like to work with locally is the Camerawork Gallery located in Scranton, Pennsylvania. It's main focus is exhibiting work from local photographers and is managed by three local photographers: Ivana Pavelka, Rolfe Ross, and Michael Poster. The gallery is located under the Marquis Gallery.

The show currently on display is by Susana Raab and is titled Patrias Obscuras: Peru and Mongolia (image above). The images reflect her own personal journey through the two countries. The next show opens on May 1st and is called WHAT IT IS: An Abstract Art Photography Installation by Carl Berg. Camerawork has a constant open call for entries and to submit you have to provide 3-6 exhibition quality, unmatted and unframed prints representing the body of work you wish to exhibit as well as a CD or web URL with additional examples of work wish to be shown. You also need to provide an artist statement describing the work as well as complete contact information. Seems pretty minimal and easy compared to other submission requirements. I think this is because they aren't looking for professional artists but just local ones that have great work. This is why I'd like to work with them; I enjoy the idea of a laid-back, relaxed situation for my first gallery. Also, I love the area.

The international gallery I'd like to work with someday is the Stills Gallery which is also Scotland's centre for photography. The gallery is located in Edinburgh and their director is Deirdre MacKenna.

This image is from the latest show, Urban Reflections, and is done by Dan Graham.

This is an image from a past show and is done by Peter Hujar.

The website doesn't provide any information about a submission policy. It actually doesn't provide much information about the gallery exclusively but more about the photo services it provides including classes, internships, and residencies. I'd like to work with this gallery as well as the first because I love the area and the prestige of it being Scotland's centre of photography.

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