Saturday, September 12, 2009

New Diet Thing

In the hopes of eating healthier/feeling good/why the hell not, I'm about to start a new diet challenge. My friend Heather and I are starting the diet listed below tomorrow morning. Part of me is really excited about it and the other is scared as hell. I'm sipping on my last sugar-loaded coffee that I'll be having for a while now- tomorrow morning means fruits and veggies only!!

Days 1-3: raw fruits and vegetables
Days 4-7: add nuts, beans, spices, olive oil (can cook veggies now)
Days 8-14: add whole grains (not flour though)
Days 15-21: add potatoes
Days 22-28: add whole wheat (w/ flour)
Days 29-35: add skim milk and honey
Days 36-42: add eggs
Days 43-49: add cheese
Days 50-56: add chicken and fish

*Cheat on one food item/week (ex. slice of pizza, ice cream cone, candy bar, etc.)
*No preservatives/chemicals the whole time!
*No sweeteners except for honey, added in week 5
*No drinks except water and milk, added in week 5

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