Tuesday, September 8, 2009

100 Boots

We also talked about Eleanor Antin and her 100 Boots series today in CDPP class. This is a fantastic series- from 1971 to 73 Antin used 100 boots that she bought in the Army Surplus store to complete this series of 51 images. All 100 boots were in every image. They were not produced as fine art prints, though. They were originally sent as postcards to about a thousand people. In some of the images, the boots appear singly or in pairs amongst the rest. I prefer when they aren't paired up. I feel like when they're paired, they represent a person too much. I know this may have been what the artist was planning, and for that I applaud her. I just prefer when the boots are not in pairs- it gives a character to each one then. Some of the titles are pretty great-

100 Boots Facing the Sea

100 Boots on the Way to Church

100 Boots Turn the Corner

100 Boots Move On

100 Boots on the March

100 Boots on Vacation

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