Thursday, February 18, 2010

I need a website....

...fer rulls. It's going to take forever to put together and I'm going to want to kill myself, but it'll be totally worth it. I honestly just need to go through my negatives in general- I know I have images that I've never looked at and that's bad. That's the way it goes for photographers, though, right? You shoot 200 to end up with 3. Gotta love it.

The images below are the three that I submitted for MICA's Senior Photo Book. Pretty standard. I was stressing a little over which photos to include, but in the end I realized that no matter what images I chose I was still going to be questioning my decision, so I just went with my first choices. I feel they sum up my work pretty well. One thing I'm learning this semester is that I'm really bad at talking about my own art and even worse at writing about it. I've gotta work on that.

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