Saturday, February 20, 2010


Jill Greenberg should be a household name. In one form or another, her photography has appeared in your home. She's had an uncanny amount of her work published because she has a style that magazines, advertisements, and the entertainment and music industry alike, all ask for. And, somehow, on top of meeting and working with celebrity after celebrity and dealing with multiple companies, she still has time to produce her own work. Most recently has been her New Bears show. I saw this show at the Clamp Art Gallery a few months ago while I was visiting New York City. The show was small and the space was a little cramped, however that did not take away from the magnificence of these images. They're huge in person and this only lent itself to prove that these were real bears that she worked with. Yes, real bears. Greenberg had a great deal of success with a previous series- Monkeys and Apes- and therefore she wanted to continue to use live animals. In both of these cases, the artist was able to capture personality and expressions in the animals that isn't seen otherwise. A few examples from both series are below.

Another series done by Greenberg- this one a little more controversial- is End Times. End Times is a series of portraits of hysterical children. These are gorgeous. Greenberg puts it best- "Pictures of children crying capture raw emotion: sputtering rage and profound loss." We as adults cannot understand the raw emotion that these children are experiencing because we've suppressed it for so long. These images are violent and extremely uncomfortable to view because in our subconscious we understand them, and I find that beautiful.

P.S.- I mentioned that she's done a lot of magazine and advertisement work. You cannot begin to comprehend how much stuff she's had published. Go to her website, The Manipulator. Please, do it. I provided a lot of images here, but this isn't even the tip of the iceberg. Annnnd... she photographed Dexter. Who doesn't love Dexter?

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