Thursday, February 12, 2009

PP4VA Week 3

Ok, ok, I know the picture of me isn't the best but I completely forgot I needed one so it's gonna do for now.  Tell me what you think of the bio- it's just a rough sketch for now.  

Jess Kemp is a photographer that currently resides in Baltimore, Maryland. Born in 1988 in Reading, Pennsylvania, her strong love of her home can be seen in the majority of her work. She'll be receiving her BFA in photography from Maryland Institute College of Art in the spring of 2010. Jess photographs just about everything but prefers broken-down, overgrown places in nature as well as people and places close to her home in Pennsylvania. From November to December 2008 Jess had a solo show at the Gateway Gallery on MICA's campus titled Fricks Lock. In her spare time, she works in book arts as well as fibers and textiles.

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Sean Scheidt said...

I think its good...I dont think you need to know the year you were born however