Thursday, February 5, 2009

PP4VA Week 2

One year goals:
  • have a complete, up-to-date working website that includes a resume
  • complete an photography internship anywhere, as long as its useful and not busy work
  • learn to shoot large format
  • graduate MICA and know what I'm doing afterwards as far as where am I living, my job, etc.
Five year goals:
  • own a gallery space with a friend that we curate
  • have my own darkroom completely set up
  • be in multiple group shows & be branching out from whatever town I'm located in
  • be successfully working so that I'm paying off school debt yet still living comfortably
Career goals:
  • shows overseas, whether group or solo
  • have a major solo show
  • publish a book
  • debt free
  • lots and lots of traveling
  • be happy

The first artist I'd like to work with in graduate school is Stephen Althouse. He's a graduate photography professor at Barry University- School of Arts and Sciences located in Miami, Fl. He received his Master of Fine Arts degree in Sculpture from Virginia Commonwealth University. His undergraduate study was at Tyler School of Art, Rollins College, Florida, and the University of Miami where he received his Bachelor of Fine Arts in Sculpture. He's been awarded the position as artist-in-residence at the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Li├Ęge, Belgium, through a Fulbright Research Fellowship. In addition to being widely exhibited, his artwork has been extensively collected by major museums and private collectors throughout North America, South America, and Europe.

His prints are gorgeous; the details that he achieves are phenomenal. Not only that, but I love his subject matter. He was raised in rural Pennsylvania, as was I, and his work has strong ties to that which is something that draws me to his stuff even more. His website said he shoots the images with large format film and then scans the negatives and finalizes the images on the computer. This process is something that I want to learn as well, so learning it from someone that has mastered it the way he has would be an honor.

The other artist I'd like to work with is Will Mosgrove, the Graduate Director of Photography at Academy of Art University in San Francisco. He's not only a fine art photography, but he's had great success as a commercial artist, which is what made me notice him. I do prefer his personal work over his portfolio of commercial work, however I appreciate how he still keeps his style in the commercial work.

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