Tuesday, December 16, 2008

keep on truckin'

Still working on finals....losing my mind a little, but I should survive :) I'm currently waiting for these images to print so I figured I'd post a few of them here.  The series is about Centralia, PA and includes 13 images.  Centralia used to be a thriving coal mining town until the dump caught fire and eventually lit the coal mines under the town.  The fires have been burning for over 40 years now and are projected to continue burning for at least the next century.  Google search it for more info.

This is the old rt. 61 that lead into the town.  Since the fires have cracked it so badly, they've shut the entire highway down and just built a new one that runs parallel to the old one.  It's hidden rather well; the only reason I found it was because my dad remembered traveling on it before.  

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JustinWilliams said...

damn i dont even get an editting credit lol
they look good you should definitely continue to shoot that place.