Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Singewald & Kickstarter

James Singewald is a Baltimore photographer that concentrates on our city's historical locations that are now left abandoned and neglected. Below is a sample of his work- mostly my personal favorites. With their futures up in the air, James is working to photograph each historical building on Baltimore's oldest streets to complete a series of books. His first book was his graduate thesis at MICA, titled Old Town, East Baltimore.

Philly, 2009

Bmore, 2009

Bmore, 2009

Bmore, 2009 (I bought an 11"x14" of this one at Artscape last month)

Bmore, 2009

You can find Old Town, East Baltimore on Blurb, which is an awesome self-publishing website. I love this photo book- the way the photos of every building overlap each other is really interesting and keeps you looking at all the details on the street. Make sure to check out his website to see what I'm talking about.

As I mentioned, James is trying to do a book like Old Town for every historic street in Baltimore, including Howard, Eutaw, Baltimore, Broadway, North, and Greenmount to name a few. He's using another awesome website, Kickstarter, to get these projects funded. Below you can see his Kickstarter video, but make sure to go check out the page and support! Every little bit counts, and you get your choice of awesome prints from the artist as your reward for supporting a great project! I did!

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