Thursday, July 15, 2010

Artscape 2010

Artscape 2010 starts tomorrow at 12noon and I, for one, am going to be there at noon. Mostly because I live on Mt. Royal so I'm right here but also because the earlier I am the more likely I will get most of the free samples. For a full schedule of everything this awesome festival has to offer, check out their website.

For the rest of the weekend, half of it will be spent in Frederick and the other half on my balcony, looking down on all the craziness that happens at Artscape. I'm pretty stoked :) Below is my new favorite Mt. Royal sculpture. Every year, with Artscape, comes a new set of Mt. Royal sculptures. A few have been really awesome over the years but a few have been really awful, too. Most of them this year don't really have my interest, but this one is wonderful. It makes me happy :)

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