Friday, June 18, 2010

One Drawing...

Fellow blogger user, Matt Kish, has come up with a brilliant idea. He's making one drawing for every page of the novel Moby Dick. I love one-a-day type projects and have been trying to come up with one of my own. I think by the end you have a great series and it keeps you in the habit of creating everyday, which I need sometimes. He's up to page 280, working his way up to 552. You can keep up with the rest of the series on his blog or on his website. I picked a few of my favorites to share below- the first few are from the start of the project back in August and the rest are from the last month or so.

Page 002 : But look! here come more crowds, pacing straight for the water, and seemingly bound for a dive.
7.75" by 11" / colored pencil and ink on found paper / August 6, 2009

Page 009 : ...where that tempestuous wind Euroclydon kept up a worse howling than ever it did about poor Paul's tossed craft.
8.5" by 11" / acrylic paint and ballpoint pen on found paper / August 13, 2009

Page 030 : Yes, here were a set of sea-dogs, many of whom without the slightest bashfulness had boarded great whales on the high seas — entire strangers to them — and duelled them dead without winking...
8" by 11" / acrylic paint, colored pencil and ink on found paper / September 5, 2009

Page 263 : Throughout the Pacific, and also in Nantucket, and New Bedford, and Sag Harbor, you will come across lively sketches of whales and whaling-scenes, graven by the fishermen themselves on Sperm Whale-teeth...
8" by 10.5" / ink and marker on found paper / May 30, 2010

Page 270 : For though other species of whales find their food above water, and may be seen by man in the act of feeding, the Spermaceti Whale obtains his whole food in unknown zones below the surface; and only by inference is it that any one can tell of what, precisely, that food consists.
7" by 15.5" / ink and marker on found paper / June 6, 2010

Page 271 : Hemp is a dusky, dark fellow, a sort of Indian; but Manilla is as a golden-haired Circassian to behold.
7.75" by 10.75" / acrylic paint, colored pencil and ink on found paper / June 7, 2010

Page 275 : The waves, too, nodded their indolent crests; and across the wide trance of the sea, east nodded to west, and the sun over all.
12" by 8" / ink, marker and watercolor on watercolor paper / June 11, 2010

Page 279 : At last, gush after gush of clotted red gore, as if it had been the purple lees of red wine, shot into the frighted air; and falling back again, ran dripping down his motionless flanks into the sea. His heart had burst!
7.75" by 10.75" / ink on found paper / June 13, 2010

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