Sunday, March 14, 2010

2010 March for the Animals!!

A few months ago I began volunteering at the Maryland SPCA. The MD SPCA is a phenomenal place. In their own words, "The Maryland SPCA is a private, nonprofit, independent organization dedicated to helping animals and people. Our mission is to improve the lives of pets and people in the community by fostering healthy animal-human relationships." The MD SPCA adopts out over 3,000 pets every year. The average time a dog spends in the program from entrance to adoption is 3-5 days. They never euthanize animals for space or because of a length of time the animal has been in the facility. The good that they do for the animals in the Baltimore area cannot be measured. Every year they host an event called March for the Animals. This event is the MD SPCA's largest annual fundraiser, raising over $360,000 for the animals. ALL money donated goes directly to the MD SPCA. It's a 1.5 mile walkathon in local Druid Hill Park. The day also includes pet contests, training classes, pet demonstrations and entertainment.

As a volunteer for the MD SPCA, I have joined the Dog Deputy Pack for the March for the Animals. This means that at the event, I will walk with the other members from my pack and the money we raise separately will be donated together from the group. I'm inviting you to help me support this great cause by making a donation to the March for the Animals. You can do this by visiting my personal donation page at

This cause is very important to me. My boyfriend, Greg, has been working at the MD SPCA for some time and he adopted his dog, Kaylee, from there about two years ago. I also have a cat, Stella, that I got through friends in Pennsylvania about 3 years ago. We love our pets and we're both driven to help animals. The 2010 March for the Animals is just one small way we can do this. Please be a part of it!

See my full Facebook event page here!

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